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Poster submitted

21 September 2008

I have submitted the soft-copy of my poster. Now it just remains to print it out in colour and stick it together for the poster presentations on Wednesday.

Now to get on with my final report, due all too soon…


Postering continues

19 September 2008

I have spent the last week working on my poster, which is coming along slowly. I will post it here after I submit it on Sunday. I am getting varying advice, but it seems I have to cut down on the amount of text. It could also do with some better graphic design, though that may not happen.

Also, Stephen Nelson just pointed me to a paper Verifiable Functional Purity in Java which looks interesting.

What I have been doing

12 September 2008

Since my last post, I have made another version of the IntersectSquares test, this one using a list class rather than just an array. There were again speed improvements found, but not quite so striking.

Other than that, I have started to prepare my poster (which is due Sunday week, 2008-09-21). Alex gave a talk yesterday with some general advice on how to make good posters, and I talked a bit to my supervisors today about it. I am getting some conflicting advice, though, about how to structure the poster, which parts to emphasise more, where to include examples, and so on.

More testing

3 September 2008

I wrote a slightly more interesting program called IntersectSquares, which generates an array of a large number of rectangles, then counts how many times they intersect each other. This is written in a fairly naive way, so there are a fair few expression for the optimiser to move out of the loop. I tried it here with 100,000 rectangles:

With jkit:

andrew@rise:test cases$ time java IntersectSquares; time java IntersectSquares
3290 intersections

real 0m58.843s
user 0m58.470s
sys 0m0.020s
3290 intersections

real 0m58.918s
user 0m58.491s
sys 0m0.040s

With javac:

andrew@rise:test cases$ time java IntersectSquares; time java IntersectSquares; time java IntersectSquares
3290 intersections

real 1m4.690s
user 1m3.783s
sys 0m0.030s
3290 intersections

real 1m4.908s
user 1m3.805s
sys 0m0.051s
3290 intersections

real 1m4.209s
user 1m3.695s
sys 0m0.041s